Cultural heritage

Get ready for plenty of surprises in the Var!

To satisfy your desire for new experiences, the Var offers over 80 museums, no less than 30 parks and gardens and countless monuments, including a majestic Gothic basilica, gracious clock towers floating in azure skies, a Jardin des Méditerranées (Mediterranean Garden), Remarkable Gardens, fishing villages and hilltop villages, the so-called ‘‘Red Faced’’ bauxite mining museum and Maison du Chocolat... cultivate your curiosity!


 Les monuments

Var’s heritage is discreet, dotted unobtrusively around the countryside.
A generous, rich and fragrant nature acts as its showcase. Only rarely will you see the flamboyance of a cathedral, often only discovered suddenly as you round a corner when out on a stroll. Like a gift, it always evokes real emotions.
Learn to open the doors of our churches, dare to cross our draw bridges, stroll along the laneways in our towns and villages, and you will discover unsuspected riches.


Find out more about Pass-Sites: a selection of representative Var cultural sites available at a preferential tariff. Gardens, museums, exhibition spaces, chapels, abbeys, etc.


Provence santons

Known worldwide as an emblem of Provence, these fragile terracotta figurines recount the history of the Provençal people: the simpleton, the drummer, the fisherman, the fish monger, the miller, the washerwoman, to name just these.
They are still made today using the same age-old techniques the secrets of which have been passed down in the workshops where they are used.

Town and village guided tours

Find out all about the history, heritage, beliefs and traditions of the Var’s towns and villages in the company of a fascinating, qualified guide.
Visits organised by local Tourist Offices on set dates. Prior booking obligatory. Average tour length: 1 ½ to 2 hrs. Price: €2 to €9 per person – Free for children under 10 years accompanied by their parents (except for special «kids» tours).


Over a hundred festivals throughout the Var and throughout the year!

• Joutes Musicales (music festival), Correns,
• Festival International de Mode et de Photographie
(fashion and photo festival), Hyères,
• Festival International des Très Courts aux Salles-sur-Verdon
(short film festival).

• Jazz festivals in Toulon, La Seyne-sur-Mer, Porquerolles, Saint-Raphaël, etc.
• Festival de Théâtre (theatre festival), Ramatuelle,
• Festival de la Bande-Dessinée (comic book festival), Solliès-Ville,
• Rencontres de Musique Médiévale (medieval music festival), Le Thoronet.

• Festival International de Quatuor à Cordes (international string quartet
festival), Pays de Fayence,

• «Janvier dans les Etoiles», contemporary circus festival, La Seyne.

Our packed arts programme combines diversity, originality, hospitality, quality and authenticity.

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